The Lokey Center houses several dedicated research facilities:

the Technion Genome Center, which is at the forefront of sequencing technology and provides state-of-the-art services to researchers from diverse disciplines;

the Bioinformatics Knowledge Unit, offering bioinformatics advice using up-to-date computational methods and software tools;

the Technion Center for Structural Biology, which supports structural and molecular studies in life sciences;

and the Infrastructure Center, which includes the Light Microscopy and Imaging Unit and the Flow Cytometry Unit.

All these units have been growing rapidly following significant investments in upgrading their facilities and in advanced scientific equipment, and they are largely responsible for the fact that life sciences are thriving at Technion. These special units are available to both internal and external users as service platforms. See links below for information on available services and technologies, access guidelines, user fees, and contact details.

For general questions regarding infrastructure, contact us by email.