Microscopy & Imaging

The Light Microscopy Unit and Imaging Unit serves researchers from a range of disciplines, spanning life sciences, physics, chemistry and engineering.

The Unit’s main equipment comprises:

  • 3 confocals, two of which are inverted and dedicated to live imaging, and one with a spectral detector and multi-photon laser system.
  • 2 fluorescent inverted microscopes
  • A pair of fluorescent binoculars
  • A High-content-high-throughput imaging system
  • Dedicated image analysis and processing software

The Unit provides a full range of services and support, from designing the experiment to data analysis with a full range of software range including:Imaris, Image J/FIJI, ZEN, AxioVision, and InCell Investigator.

Applications include:

  • Fast image acquisition for live cell imaging and time-lapse studies
  • Z-Stacks for localization of cells in living tissues and 3-D reconstruction
  • High-resolution localization of sub-cellular compartments and quantity co-localization
  • Spectral imaging and detection
  • Fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET)
  • Multi-channel fluorescence imaging
  • Quantitative co-localization
  • Fluorescence recovery after photo-bleaching (FRAP)
  • Multi-photon imaging
  • Automated slide imaging
  • Cell-based assays and detection, such as: compound screening, phenotypic profiling, RNAi screening, whole organism imaging, cell lineage studies, cell cycle studies, cell migration, organelle and protein trafficking,  morphology analysis, DNA content analysis, and apoptosis/cell viability.

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