Studies Programs

The program in data and information engineering is one of the Technion’s most prestigious flagship programs. It was the first program of its kind in Israel, established due to the huge importance of big data in many diverse fields, and due to the very large demand for professionals who are trained in working with data in complex environments. Data and information engineers lead holistic and multi-disciplinary processes of gathering, organizing, analyzing, and effectively presenting data from a range of sources that are relevant to the organization’s business processes. The profession demands a solid grounding in mathematics and algorithms, with an emphasis on computational learning, data analysis based on statistical and probability models, and big data systems in distributed and parallel environments. Alongside in-depth training in these subjects, the program includes special courses focusing on data and information engineering in such areas, such as: cognitive sciences, micro-economics, data ethics, and information privacy, that familiarize graduates with all the business aspects of data work within an organization. Advanced courses and data laboratories provide expertise in various types of data, including textual, operational, sensory, economic, epidemiological, and environmental. As well as equipping graduates with foundational knowledge in all relevant fields, the program places an emphasis on practical experience in working with large databases and information sets throughout the period of study.

Data Science & Engineering program