Biomedical informatics Big Data Science

We are at the beginning of an exciting era of biomedical research during which Biomedical informatics is emerging as a leading field that studies and pursues the effective implementation of biomedical data and medical information.

The buzzword is indeed “big data” which may comprise millions of digitized medical records, or populations’ records of digitized body temperatures, pulse rates or blood pressures, or hormonal levels and many more.

Once processed and analyzed these big data may provide new insights and understandings that will have substantial impact on both basic research and clinical sciences. Internet of things, limitless data storage capacities and inexpensive powerful computing capabilities, the technologies that are shaping the fourth industrial revolution, provide clinicians and basic researchers alike with new tools to improve health care services.

Biomedical informatics is an interdisciplinary area that relies on collaborations between mathematicians, computer scientists, life scientists and medical scientists, areas that must converge to enable the vision of moving from the laboratory bench to the bedside. The Technion is uniquely prepared to meet this challenge, in addition to excellent research in engineering, and natural and exact sciences, it has its own Faculty of Medicine, the Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, with its affiliated hospitals and an excellent Faculties.

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