National Proteomics Center (Affiliated)

The Smoler Proteomics Center
The Proteomics Center is the Israeli national infrastructure hub for proteome analysis. It was established by the Technion and the Ministry of Science to facilitate direct access to state-of-the-art technologies, instrumentation and knowhow in the fields of protein purification and analysis, for researchers from universities, research institutes, hospitals, and biotechnology companies in Israel and worldwide. Activities in the Proteomics Center range from identifying and simple quantifying of protein mixtures, to large-scale comparisons of full proteomes and their post-translational modifications, both in health and disease.To date, the Proteomics Center has carried out more than 40,000 analysis projects, including many where several thousand proteins are identified, quantified and analyzed for their post-translational modification patterns. The center is headed by Prof. Arie Admon of the Department of Biology, and managed by Dr. Tamar Ziv. It includes six researchers with diverse backgrounds and skills in biology, chemistry, biotechnology engineering and mass spectrometry.

The Proteomics Center offers direct access to its technologies and expertise as necessary, and offers research collaboration for the more demanding projects. Services to biotechnology companies are provided during research and development, and quality control with consultation is provided throughout the project.