Bioinformatic Knowledge Unit (BKU)

BKU team

Nowadays, life science and medical researchers face unprecedented computational challenges when trying to understand complex biological systems in depth, discover the cause of disease states, find novel drug targets, etc. The mission of the Technion Bioinformatics Knowledge Unit (BKU) is to empower life sciences researchers at the Technion and its affiliated hospitals by providing bioinformatics advice using up-to-date computational methods and software tools.

Main objectives of the BKU:

  • Bioinformatics Support: Provide bioinformatics consulting, and make advanced computational methods and tools available to researchers and medical doctors
  • Development: Develop new state of-the-art bioinformatics strategies
  • Education: Organize bioinformatics courses and workshops to introduce cutting-edge technologies and research, new bioinformatics approaches and tools

Main research topics supported by the BKU:

  • Basic and advanced analyses of data derived from high-throughput genome sequencing, gene expression, binding assays, etc.
  • Data integration of omicsdata such as transcriptome, metabolome, proteome and interactome
  • Structural bioinformatics: structure-based function prediction, macromolecular structure prediction, small molecule docking, pharmacofore prediction, etc


Dr. Michael Shmoish
Expertise:Microarrays / RNA-seq / Data Analysis and Modeling / R-system

Dr. Fabian Glaser

Expertise:Structural Biology, Molecular Dynamics, Docking, etc

Dr. Guy Horev
Expertise:Data Mining, Integration of High Throughput Biological Data (including but not limited to NGS).

Prof. Yael Mandel-Gutfreund

Position:BKU academic advisor and director