Flow Cytometry

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The main aim of the unit is to provide state-of-the-art technology and expertise to researchers from diverse disciplines, including engineering, food engineering, material engineering, and physics. The unit serves researchers from the Technion, as well as from other academic institutions and industry. The highly-trained personal helps with all stages of experiments from design to execution and data analysis with a full software suite including FCSexpress 6 and IDEAS.

In effort to provide the best tools to students, researchers and companies to develop optimal successful and fruitful research that will promote our understanding of biology-related matters in the fields of basic science, medicine and biotechnology, the unit organize courses, seminars and workshops on cutting-edge technology and applications.

The Flow Cytometry Unit operates three analyzers and two sorters:

  • BD FACS Calibur (2 lasers, 4 channels) – Analyzer
  • BD LSR-II (4 lasers, 12 channels and High Throughput System) – Analyzer
  • Amnis ImageStreamX MKII (4 lasers) – Imaging Flow Cytometr
  • BD FACS Aria-IIu (4 lasers, 12 channels – a four-way sorter). Can sort and analyze particles or cells for further growing and analysis.
  • BD FACS InFlux (2 lasers, 8 channels) – Customized sorter